Restore. Reclaim. Regrow.

Greenfield provides our customers the ability to responsibly decommission legacy energy infrastructure assets.

What We Do

Decommissioning Legacy Energy Assets Responsibly

Greenfield Environmental Solutions Group is a premier provider of end-to-end energy infrastructure decommissioning services. We’re an environmental services company that offers efficient, full-service plugging and abandonment (P&A), methane quantification and land reclamation solutions.

Greenfield allows operators to outsource their legacy infrastructure by managing all aspects of the decommissioning process, including regulatory filings, operational and logistical support in the field, and methane emissions detection and quantification, among other critical services. In addition, our restoration, reclamation and regrowth processes return surrounding environments to their preferred state.

About GreenfieldBringing Extensive Industry Experience to Energy Decommissioning

Greenfield’s experienced management team and unparalleled operations team brings more than a hundred years of combined experience at blue-chip oilfield service and energy companies, with the goal of providing the highest degree of expertise, operating standards, and professionalism to energy infrastructure decommissioning.

Leveraging their decades of energy experience, the team has engineered best-in-class efficiencies into the P&A process, fortified with comprehensive health and safety measures and protocols. Our comprehensive solution for P&A services of orphaned and abandoned wells materially reduces fugitive emissions and helps commercial operators, as well as state, local and federal agencies meet rapidly increasing environmental, social and governance (ESG) demands.

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Our ServicesCombining Energy Infrastructure Decommissioning Solutions within One Organization

Greenfield’s comprehensive service platform provides energy companies and government agencies with a “one stop shop” single point of service, greatly streamlining their ability to manage dozens of sites for their P&A, methane quantification and land reclamation needs. We deliver safe and responsible solutions to fit customers’ specific requirements for decommissioning wells, eliminating fugitive methane emissions and restoring land to its preferred condition.

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Reaching Your (and Our) ESG Goals

We launched Greenfield in 2022 to help companies and governments meet their ESG priorities. Our teams strive to live up to those principles as our environmental services generate value for our clients through changing market conditions.

Committing to One MissionUnmatched Capabilities from Greenfield Environmental Solutions Group

Greenfield Environmental Solutions Group provides customers with unmatched capabilities to responsibly decommission legacy energy infrastructure assets as well as restore, reclaim and regrow surrounding environments.

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