Our Company

Decommissioning Energy Assets. Quantifying Methane Emissions. Restoring the Land

Greenfield Environmental Solutions Group is the nation’s leading energy infrastructure decommissioning company offering comprehensive P&A, methane quantification and land reclamation solutions.

Founded in 2022, we enable commercial operators as well as state, local and federal agencies to reduce emissions and meet ESG mandates. We’re a single point of contact for operators and government agencies looking to address the problems posed by abandoned orphan wells in a safe, efficient and environmentally conscious manner. 

Fortified by strong financial backing, Greenfield’s highly credentialed management and operations team are building out a national energy assets decommissioning business that provides high-efficiency, full-service P&A solutions across major U.S. basins. We’ve rolled out operations to meet heavy demand in the Rocky Mountain region, starting with northern Colorado.

Our ServicesTurnkey solutions to decommission legacy oil and gas assets.

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