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Tracking Fugitive Methane Emissions

Greenfield assists customers’ efforts to detect, quantify and eliminate fugitive methane emissions, measuring each well for leaks before and after well decommissioning operations. Our in-house process provides a two-step methane detection system: screening with rapid, mobile solutions; and deploying our “Treetop” dynamic chamber to perform rigorous emissions quantification for wells that require further analysis. 

At the conclusion of each campaign, we can provide our customers with a post-job report validating their efforts to mitigate emissions which they can share with their shareholders, employees, communities, and other relevant constituents and stakeholders.

Greenfield is a proud member of Colorado State University’s Methane Emissions Technology Evaluation Center (METEC) Industry Advisory Board, working in concert with other stakeholders to advance the study of fugitive methane emissions and work towards Net Zero. We’ll soon be able to quantify methane emissions precisely over a given period.