Land Reclamation Services

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Restoring and Rejuvenating Environments

New build energy infrastructure typically alters the surrounding environment from its natural state. Greenfield provides tailored solutions to restore each site to the landowner’s preferred use, up to and including the reseeding of native vegetation.

Our crews bring deep domain knowledge to each job, enhancing operations and ensuring compliance with regulations on a federal or state-by-state basis as we take wells apart.

Reclamation ServicesGreenfield’s reclamation services include:

  1. Structure decommissioning – End-to-end site decommissioning involves reclamation teams clearing well sites of all facilities, piping, production equipment and tanks; cutting and capping wells; as well as unearthing and removing production lines in accordance with federal and state requirements

  1. Seeding – Our surface reclamation services restore the wellsite to the landowner’s preferred status; we hydroseed the area with local or native grass and plant seeds to help return the surrounding land to its original state upon request

Whether we’re conducting reclamation services to restore private, state or federal land, we work with our customers to achieve their desired solutions for their properties. Yet Greenfield Environmental Solutions Group fully understands the critical need for sustainability and true land restoration; through our services, we strive to do our part to help forest and land management organizations at all levels improve and protect habitats through their forest and range- and grassland stewardship efforts.