Plugging & Abandonment Services

A Partner of Choice

Offering Efficient P&A Solutions on a National Scale

Greenfield seeks to be the partner of choice for both operators and state and federal agencies looking to undertake large-scale plugging & abandonment efforts.

The market for these services is growing.

The orphan and idle well backlog in the U.S. is estimated at over three million wells, with more than 30,000 reaching their end-of-life each year. The EPA estimates that abandoned oil and gas wells emit millions of metric tons of methane annually – a greenhouse gas 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide over a 20-year horizon.

However, the P&A market has historically been served by regional operators that lack the resources to tackle large-scale P&A jobs.

Our ServicesEnd-to-end P&A solutions provider

Greenfield seeks to build a multi-basin, end-to-end P&A solutions provider operating an integrated suite of equipment to execute environmentally safe plugging operations.

  • Our first-class team of blue-chip executives is acquiring established P&A businesses to scale a national platform
  • Our proprietary high-efficiency P&A model drives consistency, reliability and speed
  • Strong financial backing lets us scale quickly into several basins
  • Greenfield makes it more efficient for customers by acting as a single point of service for P&A, methane quantification and land reclamation

How We Work

Greenfield has developed a proprietary, high-efficiency P&A process that we’ve implemented successfully on jobs for numerous blue-chip operators.

In pilot programs, we successfully plugged as many as 18 wells per month per rig, compared to traditional P&A service providers executing four or five wells over the same period. This step change in efficiency allows us to reduce the cost per well, as well as allow our clients to meet their plugging requirements and accelerate the safe elimination of potential fugitive emissions.

For every P&A job, Greenfield equips its crews with best-in-class workover rigs, cement pump trucks, wireline trucks and coiled tubing.

Greenfield’s operations team guides this process. We’re able to maximize the efficiency of how we use and move equipment and coordinate the number of jobs we can complete in a day, all while maintaining the highest level of safety standards.